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Long Way To The Coast is a modern text-based role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

As a child who survived in the shelter, you must leave the ruined city and reach the South Coast.

CWF0.1 (DEBUG) 2021_12_02 7_29_45.png

A beautiful and devastated world, drawn with letters and symbols.

CWF0.1 (DEBUG) 2021_12_02 7_28_34.png

Create your own character by combining Races and Classes. Learn a variety of skills to survive.

CWF0.1 (DEBUG) 2021_12_02 7_28_59.png

The outside of the shelter is full of danger.

Learn how to protect yourself in a world of violence and turmoil.

CWF0.1 (DEBUG) 2021_12_02 7_28_01.png

This is not a visual novel.

Many features like Trade are available

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The game is currently under development.

Join the Discord and give us your feedback.

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